New Associations

Whether you are a new association due to a completed conversion or because you’re a brand new project, we can provide the following assistance in your transition from developer to association responsibility.

  • Develop key procedures and policies such as who will have keys, which rules are beneficial and which are detrimental, developing a process by which historical maintenance records can be kept, etc.
  • Assist the Association in obtaining lien waivers from the builder/developer to ensure that they are free and clear of potential claims by contractors.
  • Work with The Board of Directors on Roberts Rules of Order and compliance with the condo documents regarding meetings and governance.
  • Work to establish a savings plan that will result in sufficient reserve funds for future needs.
  • Work to establish a schedule of maintenance and upkeep that will result in the assets of the association maintaining their value.
  • Assist the Association in developing the “community” atmosphere so important to all unit owners experiencing the right of quiet enjoyment in the community.
  • Assist the developer in keeping the early owners happy and well served during the final weeks/months of construction.
  • Assist the developer in transitioning the necessary records to the new association.
  • Obtain information on what materials were used in the common elements so maintenance and replacement are more easily accomplished in years to come.
  • Start the unit owners association using solid accounting procedures, good business planning procedures and decision making criteria that promote long-term relationships with vendors.