About Us

We have two full-time staff members whose prior business experience has prepared us to provide our associations with the best management services available in the property management market.

Jan Byrne – President

Hi. My name is Jan Byrne and I serve as the account executive for all our associations. My prior work experience has included selling residential real estate since 1992 and prior to that I was a legal assistant specializing in corporate and real estate law for 4 years. Prior to that I was a stay at home wife and mom and before that I was a customer service and sales rep in the medical products industry for 10 years.

It is my job to be sure that your meetings are held in compliance with your condominium documents, that welcome packets are sent to all your new unit owners, that board meetings are properly called and run and many more small significant details that add quality to our clients’ communities.

We work every day to make sure you and your unit owners experience the finest customer service and appropriate response time to all your requests for assistance.

Matthew Byrne – Maintenance Supervisor

I’m Matthew Byrne. As the maintenance supervisor, it is my job to make sure that the maintenance needs of our associations are identified and repaired in a good and workmanlike manner to current industry standards. I believe in being proactive and catching the problem before it becomes a problem. Routine inspections and mechanical check-ups help keep our buildings and associations running smoothly.

I work hard every day to be sure that the quality of life for our clients is as high as it can be.

Jack Huber

Is in charge of our Unit Owner Maintenance Department.  CMA offers unit owners basic handyman services and most of those are performed by Jack.  Jack joined CMA in early 2010 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the job.  He was self-employed for 20+ years before joining the CMA maintenance staff.   CMA is very fortunate to have someone of Jack’s caliber working with our unit owners.